Outstanding Achievement Fulfilled by Canada and Community, op-ed by Hussein HobAllah












*Hussein Hoballah, chief editor of Sada Al mashreq.

Last Tuesday, the 25th of October, two-thirty a.m. was attack time that befell the Muslim Cultural Centre in Sept-Îles’, which lies about 900 km to Montreal’s northern east. A few weeks ahead of commencing work, the centre’s furniture was destroyed. Now that the centre had lost around $5,000, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, as well as the entire parliament, condemned the incident on the 26th of October. The next day, the attacker gave himself up to the police that made a mitigating statement, saying the attacker had been driven by drunkenness rather than hate. He has therefore been released until trial. A day ahead of the incident, Bloc Québécois’ MP Mariléne Gill, objected when a visiting Ahmadi Muslim group asked for room to pray. Gill sounded uneasy and enraged enough to provoke the hate of any listener against the group, even if she didn’t mean it. However, Liberal Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Randy Boissonnault, was quick to respond, confirming that the Canadian Constitution spoke of respect to multiculturalism and faith in and outside parliament.

The attack, in addition to Ms Gill’s provocative speech took place when the Muslim community was working to get parliamentarians to condemn all forms of Islamophobia in Canada. Back on the 5th of last month, the motion failed to pass; a Conservative MP had voted against it.  Even earlier, community members in different Canadian regions had begun to suffer from attacks and harassments. An online petition signed by around 70,000 Canadian citizens had not been enough.

Back on last Wednesday, nearly an hour after parliament had condemned the Sept-Îles attack, MP Thomas Mulcair again proposed an Islamophobia-condemning motion- whatever form Islamophobia took. All accepted it, including MP Gill. That was great success for the Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF), the community and scores of other Canadian citizens, who had managed to get the online petition around 70,000 signatures. To the community, that is great achievement to take pride in; community members all across Canada have collaborated in coordination with the CMF. Canada, too, has the right to take pride in that because it means that the Canadian values protecting all citizens have been met. After all, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms confirms respect for multiculturalism and faith.

Now that Islamophobia has been condemned, this is not the end, but rather the beginning, like Mr Samer Majzoub puts it. Having launched the petition first, the interviewee says, “We need to continue working politically and socially and with the press.” They used to doubt the existence of Islamophobia, but now we do not have to worry about that; all blocs and political figures, represented by Canada’s supreme legislative authority, have spoken of that existence. In the offing, we need to get policy makers to do something, especially when it comes to the Liberals, who have shown distinct openness regarding Muslims and all ethnicities. After condemnation, policies must be made. Mr Majzoub says, “All of us must work hard to maintain our peaceful, social and humanitarian struggle so that condemnation is followed by comprehensive policies.”

This time it seems clear that collaboration, cooperation, loyalty and perseverance while claiming rights do not go useless. We need to keep that up in order to better our future and face the coming challenges “as long as some biased and racists are insulting, defaming or harassing citizens or even destroying and burning institutions.” We need to get more involved in political and social life and any other proper place so that we can protect our rights.

Let the community, including all institutions, enjoy this great achievement! Thanks to the CMF, whose president says, “This is everybody’s success, not just someone’s or an institution’s or a community’s.” Thanks to Mr Mulcair and his party for presenting the condemnation motion to parliament. Thanks, too, to MP Frank Baylis and his party for adopting the parliament’s online petition. We show gratefulness to all parties and MPs who have supported the motion.








Tweet on the Islamophobic outrageous attack on the community center in Sept-Îles, Quebec.








FMC-CMF calls on Police to arrest the perpetrators of the outragious islamophobic attack on the community center in Sept-Îles.

L’islamophobie est maintenant une préoccupation canadienne/ Islamophobia is now a Canadian preoccupation.











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-Pour diffusion immédiate-

Montréal, le 07 Octobre 2016 -Le Forum musulman canadien (FMC-CMF) considère que la présentation de la motion pour condamner l’islamophobie à la Chambre des communes le 5 octobre 2016 est une réflexion, de profonde signifiance, étendue sur un Canada qui rejette toutes sortes de discrimination.

“Il était scandaleux et triste d’assister à certains députés conservateurs qui ont  bloqué l’adoption unanime de la motion présentée visant à dénoncer l’islamophobie. Cependant, voir toutefois les autres partis politiques soutenir l’initiative du NPD à condamner les préjugés et l’intolérance au Canada est un indice positif que les législateurs du pays réalisent que l’islamophobie est un vrai fléau de société et une menace des valeurs humaines et canadiennes. », a déclaré M. Samer Majzoub, président du (FMC-CMF).

M. Majzoub a ajouté: « dans un moment important témoignant l’unité, à la fois du parti libéral et du NPD, les deux partis ont ouvertement exprimé leur profonde déception quant à l’opposition des conservateurs de fournir le consentement unanime d’une motion visant à dénoncer les discours de haine et le profilage des citoyens à cause de leurs origines culturelles et religieuses. »

FMC-CMF valorise la présentation de la motion condamnant l’islamophobie au sein du parlement du Canada et applaudit les positions positives d’appui des élus du PLC, du NPD et du Bloc québécois.

FMC-CMF appelle le parti conservateur fédéral, qui par son refus d’appuyer la motion encourage la discrimination et les enflamme préjugés,  à se lever contre les stéréotypes et à faire preuve d’appui aux valeurs d’inclusion, d’égalité et de liberté de choix.

« Toujours ensemble pour soutenir tout mouvement qui fait appel à dénoncer toutes formes d’islamophobie dans le pays » a dit Samer Majzoub, président du Forum musulman canadien et instigateur de la pétition électronique e411 qui a récolté 70 707 signatures depuis les quatre derniers mois.



Samah Jebbari: 514 886 8414

Kathy Malas : 514 594 1402


-For immediate release-

Montreal, Oct 7, 2016- The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) considers the presentation of the anti-Islamophobia motion in the House of Commons on the 5th of Oct as a reflection, to a larger extent, of Canada’s rejection of discrimination.

“It was outrageous and sad to witness some Conservatives MPs blocking the unanimous anti-Islamophobia motion to pass in Parliament. However, the fact that the other political parties supported this valued move by the NDP to condemn prejudice and bigotry in Canada is an optimistic indication of the country’s legislators’ concerns that Islamophobia is a threat to the society and a total contradiction to human rights and Canadian values,” stated Mr. Samer Majzoub, FMC-CMF president.

Mr Majzoub added, “In a show of unity, both the federal Liberal ruling party and the NDP have openly expressed their profound disappointment over the Conservative’s refusal to endorse a motion that aimed to denounce hate speech and the targeting of citizens based on their religious and cultural backgrounds.”

The FMC-CMF values the submission of the anti-Islamophobia motion in the Parliament and applauds the positive stances it received from the other representatives of PLC, NDP and the Bloc Quebecois.

The FMC-CMF calls on the Conservative federal party to show its support to stand up against stereotyping and discrimination, and to support what Canada is all about: defending the inclusion, equality and freedom of choice by backing calls to denounce all forms of Islamophobia in the country.



Samer Majzoub: 514 884 0852

CJAD Interview: Samer Majzoub reacts to Jean-Francois Lisee’s comments on banning of dress code.










Barry Morgan Show on CJAD. Interview: Jean-Francois Lisee’s comments on banning of dress code.

GUEST: Samer Majzoub, president Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF).

Barry Morgan of CJAD interviewing Samer Majzoub for the proposed burkini ban in Quebec


FMC-CMF commentant les conclusions du récent rapport du CPRMV/ FMC-CMF commenting on the findings of the recent report by CPDLV








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– Pour diffusion immédiate –

Montréal le 22 août 2016. À la suite du  nouveau rapport publié par le centre de prévention de la radicalisation menant à la violence ( CPDLV ) , il devient clair que l’intolérance, la discrimination et les politiques d’exclusion sont des facteurs néfastes qui contribuent à la radicalisation violente et aux dérapages d’une partie de la jeunesse québécoise.

Nous avons fait appel depuis longtemps à une forte volonté politique pour mettre fin aux discours haineux et dénigrant les citoyens à cause de leurs valeurs sociales et leurs croyances religieuses », a déclaré M. Samer Majzoub , président du FMC –CMF.

“Se sentir chez soi exige des politiques d’inclusion claires et applicables à tous les niveaux . Des mesures concrètes devraient être prises pour affirmer l’égalité de tous les citoyens sur le marché du travail , la liberté de convictions religieuses,  le respect des droits fondamentaux et la liberté de choix des femmes de leur code vestimentaire,” ajoute M. Majzoub .

FMC -CMF appelle les élus et les groupes civils à travailler main dans la main pour le bien-être de la jeunesse et de l’unité de la société québécoise . 




Samah Jebbari: 514-886-8414

Kathy Malas: 514-594-1402


Montreal, 22nd August, 2016. Following the new report published  by the prevention center of radicalization leading to violence (CPDLV), it becomes clear that bigotry, discrimination and policies of exclusions are  negative factors that are contributing to Quebec youth falling into violent radicalization and other sorts of wrong doing .

We have been calling for so long for strong political will to put an end to hate speech and bashing of social values and religious beliefs of citizens” stated Mr. Samer Majzoub , FMC-CMF, president .

“Feeling home requires firm and applicable inclusion policies at all levels. Concrete steps should be taken to affirm equality of all citizens to the job market, freedom of religious convictions and respect of women human rights of freedom of choice in dress code.” Added Mr. Majzoub .

FMC-CMF calls on elected officials and civil groups to work hand in hand for the well being of Quebec youth and unity of the society.




Samer Majzoub: 514-884-0852

-#Toujours Ensemble/ #Always together – Un appel à tous les Canadiens/ A call to all Canadians

Islamophobia Double front and back










Un appel à tous les Canadiens/ A call to all Canadians –

#Toujours Ensemble/ #Always together

English follows :

Une pétition a été rédigée pour condamner l’islamophobie dans tout le Canada.


Cette pétition sera présentée à la Chambre des communes afin de passer au vote et à l’adoption par le Parlement fédéral du Canada.

Avec le  plus de signatures que nous recevrons, la pétition aura le plus grand impact et créditbilité.

Nous appelons, les membres de vos familles, vos amis, et vos contacts à participer à cette campagne de signatures ” en ligne” dans le but de rendre nos voix et nos préoccupations entendues.

Pétition parrainée Par: le député libéral. M. Frank Baylis, député de Pierrefond pour le Parti libéral du Canada.

Lancée par Samer Majzoub de Pierrefonds (Québec) le 8 juin 2016 à 17 h 45 (HAE).

Forum musulman canadien (FMC -CMF ) invite tous les Canadiens à signer la pétition en ligne en grand nombre .



A call to all Canadians #Always together

A petition has been drafted a in order to condemn Islamophobia in all of Canada.


This petition will be presented in the House of Commons in order to be voted and adopted by Federal Parliament of Canada.

The more signatures we have, the easier and the bigger impact that petition will have. We call upon you, family members, your friends, and your contacts to participate in this campaign of   ‘ online ‘ signatures ‘ in order to make our voices and concerns heard.

Petition sponsored by: sponsored by the Liberal MP . Mr. Frank Baylis , MP  for Pierrefond for the Liberal party of Canada.

Initiated by Samer Majzoub from Pierrefonds, Quebec, on June 8, 2016, at 5:45 p.m. (EDT).

Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) urges all Canadians to sign the online petition in big numbers.


Le FMC-CMF condamne fermement l’attentat à Nice-France/FMC-CMF strongly condemns the attack in Nice, France.

France Truck Attack







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– Pour diffusion immédiate –

Montréal,le 17 juillet 2016-  Le Forum musulman canadien (FMC-CMF) condamne fermement l’attaque sanglante à Nice en France et reçoit avec consternation, colère et tristesse la nouvelle.

« Nous dénonçons vivement l’attaque  brutale des innocents, incluant des enfants, lors d’une célébration importante du peuple français », affirme Samer Majzoub, président du FMC. « Les multiples actes violent  en France et à travers le monde nous consternent et l’escalade de l’horreur nous choque! », ajoute M Majzoub.

“Nos pensées sont pour les victimes de Nice et leurs familles “, poursuit  M. Majzoub.

La tuerie d’innocentes victimes est catégoriquement condamnable.



Samah Jebbari: 514-886-8414

Kathy Malas: 514-594-1402



– For immediate release –

Montreal, July 17, 2016- The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) strongly condemns and receives with dismay, anger and sadness the bloody attack in Nice, France.

“We strongly condemn the brutal killing of innocent victims, including children, during a major celebration of the French people,” says Samer Majzoub, president of FMC. “The multiple violent acts in France and worldwide dismay and shock us!”adds Majzoub.

We offer our prayers and we share the pain of the families and friends of the victims who lost their lives. The death of innocent victims is categorically wrong.



Samer Majzoub: 514-884-0852


FMC-CMF Ramadan Iftar 2016









En une ambiance de sérénité, nous vous invitons à partager des bons moments avec nous, à l’iftar bénéfice du FMC.

Tarawih sur place;
Service de garde et activités pour les enfants;

FMC-CMF invites you to the FMC-CMF Ramadan Iftar 2016.
Program : Fundraising Iftar
Anasheed by Anas Sayed
Salat Taraweeh

Address: Le Château Royal
3500 boulevard du souvenir
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Date: Sunday 19/06/2016
Time: 8pm

Tickets: 40$ Adult, 30$ Student, 20$ Children (5-12)
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