Statement by the Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) on the federal by-elections.


Statement by the Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) on the federal by-elections that will be held early April 2017.

Montreal, March 3rd , 2017- The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) appreciates and values the Canadian Muslims’ involvement in the nomination and the elections process at large in the various ridings, in particular the borough of Saint-Laurent, Montreal. FMC-CMF points out the importance of making free choice in supporting the candidates that best serve the interest of the society’s civil values and common interest. FMC-CMF reminds all citizens that elections are an occasion to exercise your voting right democratically, assume unity and work collectively to reflect Canadian values.




(FMC-CMF)L’incendie à Fort McMurray /Fort McMurray wildfire







English follows:

Le 6 mai 2016

L’incendie à Fort McMurray

FMC–CMF invite tous les Canadiens à faire un don généreux aux résidents de Fort McMurray.

M. Samer Majzoub, le président de FMC -CMF, déclare que “ce qui est arrivé en Alberta était une véritable tragédie  L’incendie a détruit plus de 80 % des foyers de Beacon Hill. Il est de notre devoir, en tant que voisins, de les aider. Ils ont fortement besoin de notre soutien et de notre contribution!”

S’il vous plait, faites un don dès aujourd’hui au:

  • Secours Islamique Canada:

  • La Croix-Rouge Canadienne: 

FMC -CMF vous encourage à passer le mot.

Contacte :

Sarah Fath-El-Bab, agente communautaire.

(514) 833-6441

English :

May 6th 2016

FMC-CMF urges all Canadians to donate generously to the residents of Fort McMurray.

Mr. Samer Majzoub, the president of FMC-CMF, states, “what happened in Alberta was a real tragedy. The wildfire has destroyed over 80% of homes in Beacon Hill. It is our duty as their neighbors to help them. They strongly need our support and donations!

Please donate today through:

FMC-CMF would like to encourage you to spread the word.


Sarah Fath-El-Bab, community outreach.

(514) 833-6441


Comment on the stabbing incident at Canadian army center in Toronto, 14 03 2016.

Comment on the stabbing incident at Canadian army center in Toronto, 14 03 2016.
To start with , all sorts of violence is condemned . There is no excuse nor legitimacy for any type of violence what so ever.
It’s worth to note the following:
– The moment the attacker has been reported uttering the word “Allah” , right away, and without further delay, media starts dealing with the subject as “terror link”. In other word, since the attacker turned to be of Muslim faith, the word terrorism has to be up promptly.
-It has been reported that that the attacker has said ” Allah Has asked him to do so….” . Basically, this is an issue that needs very careful attention. In Islam the tradition of Allah speaking to individuals doesn’t exist at all. It neither in Islam’s doctrine nor in it’s culture. Even the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, him self had never been “spoken” by Allah swt. In this situation, the mental situation of the attacker should be taken into consideration.
-All sorts of violence looks for kind of legitimacy by the perpetrators. This even apply on those may have issues “mentally” speaking.
-As its becoming the norm, unfortunately, in such incidents ,the hate mongers rush to raise their Islamophobic sentiments at certain media outlets and social media. Toronto police chief has warned of this trend ” “I don’t want this categorizing a large group of people; that will be very unfair and very inaccurate,” he said, adding he doesn’t want to see any of this “Islamophobia nonsense.”

Commentaire sur l’incident de coups de couteau au centre des forces canadiennes à Toronto.

Commentaire sur l’incident de coups de couteau au centre des forces canadiennes à Toronto, 14 03 2016.
Pour commencer, il n’y a aucune excuse, ni légitimité pour n’importe quel type de violence, quel que soit. Toutes sortes de violence sont condamnées
Il vaut la peine de noter ce qui suit:
– Dès le moment où a été rapporté que l’attaquant a prononcé le mot «Allah», tout de suite et sans plus tarder, médias ont traité le sujet et l’ont lié à un acte de terreur. En d’autres termes, puisque l’attaquant était de confession musulmane, le mot terrorisme est associé directement.
– Il a été rapporté que l’attaquant a dit qu’ “Allah lui a demandé de commettre son acte….”. En l’occurrence , celle-ci est une question qui mérite une attention très particulière. Dans l’Islam, la notion que Dieu parle à des individus n’existe pas. Ceci n’est ni dans la doctrine de l’Islam ni dans sa culture. Même le Prophète Mohammad, que la paix soit sur lui, n’a jamais été «parlé» par Allah swt. Entre autres, la situation mentale de l’attaquant devrait être prise en considération.
– Tout auteur de violence est à la recherche d’une légitimité pour l’acte qu’il a commis. Ceci s’applique, sans exception, à ceux qui peuvent avoir des troubles mentaux.
– Malheureusement, comme ceci semble devenir la norme dans de tels incidents, ceux qui soufflent sur les braises de la haine se précipitent pour démontrer leurs intolérance et annonces leurs propos islamophobes à certains médias et sur les réseaux sociaux. Le chef de la police de Toronto a mis en garde contre cette tendance en disant : « Je ne veux pas que cette catégorisation d’un grand groupe de personnes; ce sera très injuste et très imprécise », tout en ajoutant qu’il ne veut plus voir de cette « absurdité d’islamophobie

Tweet on La Loche, Sask., Shooting!

On La Loche shooting tweet

On La Loche, Sask., Shooting:

We share the nation the sorrow and the sadness on the loss of lives in La Loche, Saskatchewan. The tremendous grief that this small community has witnessed brings us all to denounce deadly violence that leads to tragedies.
Samer Majzoub, FMC-CMF president.


Man’s family, rights groups to Harper: please help us free Canadian in UAE


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2


July 31st 2015


Dear Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, Canadian national organizations, are calling upon you to use the full power of your office to intervene on behalf of Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi, who has been unlawfully detained in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since August 2014 without charge. It is vital that Canada demand that he be released unless he is charged immediately with a recognizable criminal offence and brought promptly to trial in fair proceedings. Your intervention is critical in ensuring that Mr. Alaradi’s human rights will be respected and upheld.

Mr. Alaradi is the husband of Canadian citizen Zaghuwan Aliya and the father of five Canadian children: Marwa 17, Nur 14, Mohamed 12, Rayhana 7, and Yasmin 3.

Mr. Alaradi travelled to and from the UAE since 1992 and currently operates Hommer International, a global competitor in home appliances. He has lived in the UAE without restrictions for many years and was a law-abiding resident. On August 28, 2014 Mr. Alaradi was arrested without charge from a hotel during a family vacation in Dubai. He has been arbitrarily detained since that time by the UAE Security Services, without any charges.  He is currently being held at the Wathba Abu Dhabi Prison.

Mr. Alaradi’s situation is urgent. He has a number of pre-existing medical conditions prior to his detention that have increased in severity as a direct result of the detention, along with new medical complaints caused by his detention. In addition to asthma, high cholesterol and vulnerabilities due to an open-heart surgery, he has developed new conditions in his back, major weight loss, eye infection and bronchitis.  Canadian authorities have informed the family that they are seriously concerned about his health after seeing him in a recent visit.

As you are well aware, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that no one may be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or imprisonment. In addition, international human rights standards require that detainees be charged, tried promptly and afforded a fair trial.

Mr. Alaradi’s basic human rights have been violated for almost a year now. There is no legal basis for his detention – he has been not been charged with any recognizable criminal or other offence. UAE lawyers have been unable or prevented from representing Mr. Alaradi due to a lack of accusations and charges and that Mr. Alaradi is currently detained outside of the legal system.

We are now calling upon you, Prime Minister, to take prompt and meaningful action.

We live in a country whose profound commitment to human rights has always been recognized by the international community. It is with the knowledge of and pride in this commitment that we raise Mr. Alaradi’s case with you. We have every expectation that you will remain true to our proud legacy.

Prime Minister, we ask that you intervene vigorously on behalf of Salim’s wife, Zaghuwan, and their five young children. As Canadians, they have every expectation that you will recognize this case as a travesty of justice and do everything in your power to ensure that his rights are fully protected.


Amnesty International, Alex Neve, Secretary General
International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (Coalition of 43 organizations), Monia Mazigh, National Coordinator
Libyan Canadian Community Organization, Alaa Abushwereb, President
Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Alia Hogben, Executive Director
CODEPINK, Medea Benjamin, co-founder
Canadian Muslim Forum(CMF-FMC), Sameer Zuberi, LL.B., Board Member
Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Sukanya Pillay, Executive Director

The Honourable, Lynne Yelich, Minsiter of State, Foreign Affairs and Consular
Paul Dewar, Official Opposition Critic for Foreign Affairs
Brian Masse, Official Opposition, MP, Windsor West
Marc Garneau, Liberal Foreign Critic