“The Difference Between Community And Religious Schools”, by Samer Majzoub


Article by Samer Majzoub

Another clear example of such misconceptions can be demonstrated by the confusion about the nature of Muslims or Islamic schools across Canada. There is general belief that these institutions are religious educational bodies, and the kind of courses taught is based on Islamic theology.

This is a false understanding. It is important to note that the majority of these schools are either don’t or only partially receive subventions from provincial authorities.




Tweet on La Loche, Sask., Shooting!

On La Loche shooting tweet

On La Loche, Sask., Shooting:

We share the nation the sorrow and the sadness on the loss of lives in La Loche, Saskatchewan. The tremendous grief that this small community has witnessed brings us all to denounce deadly violence that leads to tragedies.
Samer Majzoub, FMC-CMF president.


Is Islamaphobia growing in Canada?‏



Barry Morgan show





Samer Majzoub of the FMC-CMF with Barry Morgan on CJAD.

Islamaphobia following shooting in Calgary and Pepper Spraying in BC. GUEST: Samer Mazjoub – Chairman of the Canadian Muslim Forum


FMC-CMF on CTV : interview on Syrian refugees …its heart broken!‏


CTV on vancouver syrisan refugees incident







Canadian Muslim Forum president Samer Majzoub says it’s heart-breaking to see people who have ‘fled tyranny’ be mistreated here.

The attack has been labelled an act Islamophobia by Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum.
“What could this be, beside hatred or racism?” Majzoub said on CTV’s News Channel Saturday.
Unfortunately, attacks on Canadian Muslims are “not something new to the Canadian Muslim community,” Majzoub said, pointing to reports of hijab-wearing women being attacked in public places.
Majzoub repeated the prime minister’s message that the Vancouver attack “does not in any way reflect who we are as Canadians.”

Article: We Need To Make A Collective Effort To End Violent Radicalism, by Samer Majzoub.

California Shootings


*Samer Majzoub
The concept of radicalism that leads to violence through history has always, similar to all other philosophical doctrines, sought to justify its movement based on mainly social, economical and political reasoning.
“Religions” have been, in recent times, added to the catalogue that violent radicals use to legitimize their acts, and as mean of delivering their objections to what they consider “injustice.” This addition of “religious” reasoning to violent operations has made the subject much more sensitive, confusing and complicated.

Samah Jebbari (FMC-CMF) entrevue sur /interview: “Trump fustigé pour son appel à fermer les frontières aux musulmans”‏

Reuters interview with Samer Majzoub; In Quebec, like France, security fears may deepen rift with Muslims

Reuters Reuters 4



For members of Quebec’s Muslim communities, the debate over the Syrian refugees highlights the distrust of them they say has been deepening for years.

“We don’t ask for the security to be compromised, but to associate (terrorism) with the Syrian refugees is so much injustice,” said Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum in Montreal, which advocates for Muslim interests across Canada.


He said that Quebec appeared to have a higher level of distrust of its Muslims than other Canadian provinces, something he attributed to Quebec’s efforts to retain a distinct French culture in a mostly English-speaking country. Quebec has attempted to separate from the rest of Canada twice since 1980, arguing its laws, language and culture are unique.

“There is no doubt that the sentiment (of Islamophobia) here is felt much higher,” he said.

Réactions du FMC aux attaques de Paris/FMC commenting on Paris attacks.

English follows:

13 Nov 2015, Montréal.

Nous condamnons fermement les terribles attentats qui ont causé la mort atroce et terrible d’innocentes victimes.

Nous offrons nos prières et nous partageons la douleur des familles et amis des victimes qui ont perdu la vie.

Le sang versé en France s’ajoute à celui des femmes, des hommes et des enfants victimes de violence en Syrie, au Liban, en Irak, en Palestine, en Birmanie, au Mali et dans d’autres pays du monde.

Nous sommes témoins de ces crimes contre l’humanité, résultats misèrables de la guerre, de la destruction, de l’occupation et de l’injustice.

La mort d’innocentes victimes est catégoriquement condamnable, peut-importe le pays.


Samah Jebbari : 514 886 8414

Kathy Malas : 514 594 1402


Nov 13 2015, Montreal.

Our strong condemnation over the innocents killed in these terrible attacks.

We share the sorrow and the prayers with the parents and the friends of those who have lost their lives.

The blood spilled in France adds up to those women, men, and children that have been victims of violence in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Burma, Mali and other places in the world.

We end up witnessing crimes against humanity, the misery results of war, destruction, occupation and injustice.


Samer Majzoub, 514 884 0852


(FMC-CMF) 8e banquet annuel/8th annual banquet‏

poster 2015

Le 13 novembre 2015, le Forum musulman canadien (FMC-CMF) organise                                                   son 8e banquet annuel de 18h30 à 22h 

Salle de réception Château Royal

3500 Boulevard du Souvenir,

Laval, (Québec), H7V 1X2

Une soirée en compagnie de

Notre artiste-chanteur distingué : Anas Sayed et l’orchestre Andalusia 


Des  politiciens, professeurs, activistes membres de la communauté, et dirigeants

Évènement unique à ne pas manquer!

Consulter notre page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/911341422295613/



Adulte : 45$

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